ORA has been discontinued.

I started ORA because of my Dad. At the time he was in his 70s, independent, but also dealing with health challenges. I was looking for a way to keep him safe, but there was nothing in the market that met our needs. So, I created one that did. Quite frankly, I think he wondered what all the fuss was about. But as his health declined, ORA played a key role in maintaining his independence and gave peace of mind to my brothers and me. 
Over the years, we heard many stories from clients about how ORA positively impacted their lives, or their loved one. Knowing we were making a real difference filled us with pride. However, it is with a heavy heart that I announce we’re discontinuing ORA.

Despite our best efforts, it isn’t sustainable.  

The good news is that the technology we created for ORA will continue to protect thousands of lives through our company SolusGuard. Focused on safety solutions for individuals working alone or in hazardous environments, SolusGuard incorporates the core patented technology that powers ORA.  

Although this outcome wasn’t what I expected, the purpose of ORA lives on; to protect people and provide peace of mind. Even though Dad is no longer with us, I know he would be proud of how everything has turned out. 

– Serese Selanders, Founder & CEO

Please call us  1-888-651-2980 or email help@oraforyou.com if you have questions or concerns.