Wearable Panic Button

Developed for people who work alone in the riskiest of situations, the SolusGuard wearable panic button provides the fastest and most reliable way to signal for help. 

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Quickly and Reliably

Signal for Help

In high-risk situations, just a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life and death — people can’t afford to scramble with finding and unlocking their phones, opening an app, making a call, or waiting for a monitoring service to handle the alert.

A quick press of the wearable panic button and our SolusGuard Mobile workplace safety app instantly alerts a network of emergency contacts.

Make Safety Easy

Press Button for Help
Contacts Notified
Backup Call Placed


Backup Call

Many wearable panic buttons fail to handle situations like locked phones or closed and unavailable apps. This leaves your people vulnerable. 

With SolusGuard, our exclusive and patented failsafe technology was designed to reliably and consistently call 911 in an emergency, even if the phone is locked or the app is closed or unavailable.

Nobody else does this. 

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Better Safety

By Design

Easy to Use - No complicated instructions and no fumbling with a phone.  

Discreet - Worn as either a belt loop clip or as a pendant; both options allow easy access and can be hidden in difficult situations. 

Reliably Rugged - Designed for unpredictable environments, the device is completely sealed making it water and dust proof.


Built to a Stricter Set of a Standards

When it comes to something as important as safety, we never cut corners. Designed and built by SolusGuard in North America, our technology is best-in-class. Feel confident your people are protected.

North America's most innovative organizations trust SolusGuard to keep their people connected and safe.

"SolusGuard has given us an amazing product and customer service. It provides our staff with an added layer of protection throughout their day." Andrew Sedley, Executive Director


"SolusGuard has afforded our team a real sense of security while completing their day to day tasks. Strongly recommended, the experience has been great." Sheena Reyes Keslick, VP Operations

MainStreet Equity Corp.

"SolusGuard means peace of mind! In the Property Management industry we give our investors peace of mind that their investment is being managed and that tenants feel safe in their homes. SolusGuard has taken this one step further to provide peace of mind that my employees are safe no matter where they might be." Carla Browne, President

Real Property Management Canada

"SolusGuard has been a great partner in safety. Their technology is industry leading and provides us an advanced level of protection for our team members. Thank you." John Price, Senior Vice President HSE

Avenue Living

Protect Your People.
Protect Your Business.

We are dedicated to helping your team develop a safety solution customized for your organization's unique needs.

Contact us to learn more about how SolusGuard’s suite of workforce safety solutions can help.