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Do the employees need a smartphone?

Yes, SolusGuard pairs with a compatible smartphone that has an active cellular and data connection. Contacts should also use a smartphone to ensure SolusGuard alerts work properly as notifications, GPS location, and inactivity can only be accessed through the SolusGuard app.

SolusGuard requires a smartphone with iOS10+ or Android OS 6+. We support all iPhones 5 and later operating on iOS10+. Most Android phones running Android OS 6+ are supported. To check if a specific Android phone is compatible, please send us a message at Tech@SolusGuard.com to confirm.

How much does SolusGuard cost? Are there monthly fees?

We provide configurable packages for each company based on their needs. Please contact us at Tech@SolusGuard.com for a quote.

How long does the battery last?

SolusGuard will last for 3-4 days (depending on usage) before needing to be recharged. We recommend leaving the device on the charger when not in use.

Typical charging time for SolusGuard emergency alert devices is about two hours. A solid green light on the device indicate it’s fully charged. The simple magnetic charger is included with purchase of any SolusGuard package.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty. Please email Tech@SolusGuard.com if you would like a copy of our warranty policy.

Who can be a contact and are there any limits to how many contacts I can have?

Anyone with a smartphone can be a contact, and there is no limit to how many contacts each device can have. Contacts are invited through the SolusGuard app. They will receive a text instructing them to download the SolusGuard app. Employers can review all contacts for each SolusGuard device in the dashboard within the app.

Do the contacts need the SolusGuard app as well?

Yes. To ensure the alerts and notifications work properly, the contacts will need to download the free SolusGuard app.

Can one person be a contact for multiple devices?

Yes. One person can be a contact for as many devices as needed.

How can the phone phone alert 911? Does it still work if the employee has an iPhone and it is in sleep state or locked?

After the employee signals an alert, if they do not receive and answer a phone call within two minutes, their SolusGuard device will instruct their phone to call 911. Our patented system follows protocol that will unlock an iPhone in sleep state. As long as their phone is in range and charged, 911 will be called at the end of the countdown, even if the phone has a passcode and is locked.

This is a major benefit of SolusGuard compared to our competitors. Look closely at their messaging—it is common for the fine print to indicate that the phone must be unlocked, or that contacts need to call 911. Calling 911 on someone else’s behalf, when you don’t know where they are or what is going on, is not advised.

Can the call go to a number other than 911? Can it be monitored by a security company?

Yes, this feature can be configurable. If you are interested in monitoring, please contact us at Tech@SolusGuard.com.

What if an employee presses the button accidentally?

We’ve designed the SolusGuard device to make it difficult to press the button by accident. The button is indented so the employee can feel where it is, but will be unlikely to accidentally press it. However, if an employee does press it by accident, it’s simple to cancel the alert in the SolusGuard app. Their support network will be notified that they cancelled the alert.

Can one SolusGuard device be paired with two smartphones so employees can share an emergency alert device?

Each SolusGuard device is paired to one smartphone at a time. If you need to, you can reconnect to a different smartphone. For more details about this, send us a message at Tech@SolusGuard.com.

What kind of notifications does the system send to contacts?

Contacts will receive a Push Notification from the SolusGuard app and their phone will emit an emergency sound. (The employee’s SolusGuard device will vibrate and blink red, and their phone will also emit an emergency sound.) When contacts open the SolusGuard app, they will see who is having an emergency and a map will show their location.

Does SolusGuard track location all the time?

Privacy is our highest priority. SolusGuard only tracks the employee’s location when they press the button, and only then does it share location information. It shares their location only with the contacts added via the SolusGuard app. We respect your right to privacy and treat your personal information with strict confidentiality.

Will you ship internationally?

SolusGuard is currently certified for sale in Canada and the United States. We plan to sell to other countries soon. If you are outside Canada and the United States, please email us at Tech@SolusGuard.com.

How close does the phone need to be to SolusGuard device?

Since SolusGuard uses Bluetooth technology, the SolusGuard and phone will need to be within range of each other to send alerts and transmit data. This range depends on specific circumstances, like phone model and current environment, but is typically 20 to 30 feet. In general, it is best for employees to keep their SolusGuard and smartphone close together.

What happens if the phone paired with SolusGuard shuts down or is out of cellular service range?

SolusGuard requires that the SolusGuard app is running on the phone to work properly. It also requires cellular service and a data connection.

Satellite extension is available. Please reach out to us at 1.888.651.6510 or Tech@SolusGuard.com for more information.

The device is disconnected and won't reconnect. What do I do?

• Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and that your SolusGuard device is charged and within Bluetooth range.

• Turn your cell phone off and back on.

• Press the reconnect button in the app and wait a few minutes.

If it is still disconnected, call us at 1-888-651-6510

My device is blinking orange and vibrating. What do I do?

Your SolusGuard device is in alert mode. 

  • If possible, open the SolusGuard app and press "Cancel Alert"
  • If your phone is trying to call for backup, allow the call to connect
  • If your device is still blinking orange and vibrating, turn off Bluetooth, and call us for assistance at 888.651.6510 (your SolusGuard device needs to be reset and re-paired)

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