Ideas and Insights
for Safety Champions

Monitoring: Who You Gonna Call?

Many available solutions that help keep lone workers safe rely on having someone ready and able to respond to emergencies. There are multiple ways to meet this need, such as directly phoning 911 or using call centers. But the more traditional solutions don’t always fit well with maintaining efficient workflow or address specific risks in a modernized way. Below we outline how SolusGuard’s approach to monitoring can help keep your lone workers safe without risking your bottom line.  

Safety: The Key to Property Management Growth

Property management is risky. Employees routinely work alone in isolated areas at all hours of the day showing properties to prospective tenants; collecting rent; handling evictions/disruptions; conducting maintenance; and, coordinating housing visits or inspections. Studies show that an assault occurs every 35 minutes and verbal abuse is a daily occurrence. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates there are at least 2.7 incidents for every 100 property managers per year. It’s not a matter of if a safety incident is going to negatively impact your growing property management company, it’s a matter of when. 

3G is Dead. What Does That Mean for Your Workplace Safety Plans?

2022 is the year 3G officially dies as many cellular providers across North America have started to shut down the service. In the US, Verizon, and AT&T are all planning to stop the service by the end of 2022. Canadian providers are following suit with plans to end service by 2025.