What is Check-In Software and How Can it be Used to Improve Safety?

SolusGuard Lone Worker Safety App

Knowing what tools will work best to keep your employees safe can be a bit tricky at times, especially when every situation is a little bit different than the next. In this blog post we break down the benefits of check-in software to help you better understand why it’s an efficient and reliable tool for almost any situation.  

What do you mean by “check in software?” 

Check-in is a service provided by SolusGuard through our mobile app. It provides an easy, nearly hands-free, way of protecting workers who are completing tasks alone. Check-in can be done in less than 10 seconds and with fewer than three taps.  

How it works 

Using the app is easy. Employees simply estimate how long the task will take them, and then click start to begin a timed check in session. When they are done, they stop the timer. If the timer runs out and they haven’t stopped it, an alert is sent to a network of previously established contacts and a reminder text is sent to the employee. From there, communication can take place through the app and emergency contacts can coordinate an appropriate response.  

Check-in intervals can also be extended or restarted as needed. As an added bonus, lone workers have the option of including contacts other than their direct supervisor, such as a nearby coworker or someone who works out of a home office. This means more than one person can respond, should the situation require it.   


Aren’t there already solutions available that don’t require an app? 

Yes. There are some solutions such as direct phone calls or a buddy system, but both options have hidden costs to productivity and ultimately your profitability as well. Our app is designed to help you streamline workflow without sacrificing anyone’s safety and allows your employee to remain adaptable when the situation requires it. 

Making a phone call isn’t as easy as it sounds 

There are many pros and cons to consider when trying to choose between a mobile check in app or a phone call-based system. But the reality is that a call-based system is not as efficient, has hidden labour costs, creates productivity drag, and can make legal compliance and record keeping more cumbersome.  

Typically, in a call-based system, the worker will call their supervisor at pre-determined time intervals or when entering a period of working alone.  Not only is this time-consuming for the employee, but it also means that someone on the other end of the call has to stop what they are doing, answer the call, maintain records and follow up as needed. This means that two employees, instead of one, have to break up their workday to manage a call-based check-in system. This back-and-forth process can create a lot of hassle, lead to opportunities to forget important steps, and is difficult to track for compliance reporting. 

The buddy system is a good idea, in theory 

The idea that there is safety in numbers is helpful for many people in several situations.  However, it’s not always an efficient solution for every kind of risky work scenario. This approach requires that two (or more) employees travel to the site and complete their work together so they can keep each other safe. If one is in trouble, the other can call for help. But, in many workplace situations, the buddy system means that both employees face equal amounts of risk – what happens when both are not able to call for help?  

The buddy system also means that often you end up with two people on-site to complete something that is generally a one-person task, leading to an overall decrease in productivity (and increase in labor costs). There can also be hidden costs to the buddy system. For example, an absent team member in the buddy system means the job won’t get done that day, extending project timelines or upsetting clients.   

What are the key benefits of a mobile check in app? 

There are several benefits to using the check in feature on our SolusGuard mobile app – from ease of use to creating a paper trail for proof of legal compliance. But when it comes to specific benefits to your employee, there are a couple of key aspects to keep in mind. 

Getting things done in good time 

The buddy system  or a call-based system can lead to unnecessary interruptions in workflow, meaning task completion takes a longer time. And the longer the employee is working alone, the greater the opportunity for something to go wrong. The check in app provides a relatively hands-free solution that gives your employee the peace of mind they need to focus on the work and get it done in a good, appropriate amount of time. 

Humans are not perfect 

We’d all like to think we are going to get things done the right way, every time. But the reality is that as humans, we are going to make mistakes from time-to-time, or forget something that isn’t within our immediate focus (such as calling to check-in). Using a mobile app to check-in helps reduce issues caused by human error by automating important processes and procedures. The result is a workforce that can build confidence in their abilities without sacrificing their sense of safety while on the job. 

Mobile check-ins can streamline workflow 

Our app is quick to install and easy to use, is flexible enough to suit any situation, and can be scaled up or down when paired with other safety tools. It also ensures that your business is audit-ready by creating a paper trail to prove compliance with the law. Whether they are a property manager dealing with building maintenance issues or a security guard checking on something suspicious, the check-in function means your employees never have to feel alone at work ever again. 

Keep your compliance records up-to-date 

Using check-in through the SolusGuard app creates automatic logs of when employees check-in, how long, where they were and what they were doing. This additional benefit means it is easier for you to prove that your business follows the legal requirements by providing a digital paper trail. Also, by automating the process, the mobile check-in provides you with the opportunity to nearly eliminate the possibility of human error in logging check-ins and reporting.  

Sounds great. But, it’s probably pretty expensive...right? 

While there is a modest monthly fee , the mobile app leads to cost savings over time.  Providing your employees with the security they need to focus and get the job done can lead to a decrease in labour costs and reduces the potential for costly mistakes. Similarly, because starting the timer takes just a few quick taps and no two-way phone conversations, you also save on manager’s time.   
Our ROI calculator can help you to determine the potential cost savings. Contact us for more information or to arrange a demo.