SolusGuard Command

Enterprise Safety Monitoring

Take control with our web-based monitoring and alert management platform. Built for dedicated safety and security teams,  SolusGuard’s one-of-a-kind, real-time, alert monitoring system can be configured to provide the tools needed to manage your emergency alerts.

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Stay Aware

Live Event Stream

Gain real-time visibility of the location and  wellbeing of your teams with our real-time event stream and map view. Event types include emergency alerts, active check-in sessions and response activities. 

Improve Response 

Real-Time Messaging

SolusGuard Command enables teams to stay connected with real-time communication. Quickly notify people of emerging threats or directly respond to distress signals. 


Prove Compliance

Digital Records

Organizations have a legal responsibility to do everything they can to keep workers safe, and we help employers meet that obligation. All events and communications within SolusGuard are logged, making it easy for organizations to generate reports, audit their safety programs and prove compliance. 

Scale Safety

Built for Enterprise

SolusGuard Command was built specifically for dedicated safety and security teams. We make it easy to scale your operations without scaling your operations centre. Our flexible management tools allow you to administer teams across North America. 


Customized Safety Solutions

 Available enhancements include:

SolusGuard Wearable Panic Button - Paired with SolusGuard Mobile our custom designed panic button is the fastest and most reliable way to signal for help. 

Satellite Extender - Protect your employees who work in very remote locations.

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North America's most innovative organization's trust SolusGuard to keep their people connected and safe.

"SolusGuard has given us an amazing product and customer service. It provides our staff with an added layer of protection throughout their day." Andrew Sedley, Executive Director


"SolusGuard has afforded our team a real sense of security while completing their day to day tasks. Strongly recommended, the experience has been great." Sheena Reyes Keslick, VP Operations

MainStreet Equity Corp.

"SolusGuard has been a vital support for enhancing the safety and well-being of our employees in the community. Their devices are discreet, easy to navigate, effective and reliable. " Linette Soldan, Program Manager

Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Protect Your People.
Protect Your Business.

We are dedicated to helping your team develop a safety solution customized for your organization's unique needs.

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