Keep Your People Safe with SolusGuard Mobile

Working alone is one of the most dangerous types of work. Without the ability to reliably call for help, small issues often turn into major catastrophes for both employees and their employer. Helping to manage those risks is exactly why SolusGuard was created. Designed for those who work alone or in unpredictable environments, SolusGuard Mobile workplace safety app turns your mobile phone into a powerful distress signal and reliable mobile monitoring device with five key benefits: 

Prevent Incidents with Better Communication 

The best way to reduce safety incidents is to prevent them from happening altogether. SolusGuard Mobile features group chat where team members can directly communicate and share important safety information like emerging or on-going issues. This helps employees avoid potentially dangerous situations and improve response times by keeping the entire team in the loop. It also helps improve situational awareness without increasing workload, and contributes to a better overall safety culture. 

Automate Routine Check-Ins 

Timed monitoring helps automate the time-consuming process of routine team check ins – no more back-and-forth text messaging or calling. Just let your team know where you are going and how long you'll be at that location and an emergency alert is sent if you are unable to confirm your safety before the time expires. 

Reliably Signal for Help 

When incidents occur our Tap SOS provides the ability to quickly signal for help from within the app. Team members instantly receive notification of the alert on their phones and are provided with the GPS location of the person who is in distress. 

Maintain Compliance 

Businesses have a legal responsibility to do everything they can to keep workers safe, and SolusGuard Mobile helps employers meet that obligation. It provides a reliable way to signal help and a quick and affordable way to manage monitoring and response. Additionally, timed monitoring sessions help fulfill legislated check-in and out requirements in many jurisdictions across North America. All events and communications within the app are logged, making it easy for organizations to audit their safety programs and prove compliance.  

Makes Safety Easy  

Ultimately the largest benefit of SolusGuard Mobile is that it makes managing the safety of your team easy.  The app is conveniently accessible and is designed to be easy-to-use. This allows your team to focus on their job without the burden of complicated and manual safety process.