Ideas and Insights
for Safety Champions

Reducing Risks to Lone Workers Using a Simple Risk Assessment

By Brye Sargent, CSP

Over the past several years, there’s been a culture shift in how, as well as where, services are provided. More often, consumers are expecting their services to come to them. But as the DIY culture shifts to the “Hire Someone” or “Bring it to me” economy, new and unexpected challenges arise.  

Getting Buy-In for your Safety Program

by Brandy Bossle, CSP

If you're managing your company's safety program, you need to get support or "buy-In" from across your organization. From senior leaders to front line staff, safety programs require the entire team to be successful.   

Risk Assessment

The Crucial 6-Step Risk Assessment Process for Lone Workers

By Brye Sargent, CSP

The Risk Assessment Process does not need to be complicated, but it should be thorough.  When dealing with lone workers, you want to implement two risk assessment processes. One completed for the job as a whole, and a secondary one that is completed by your lone workers at their work site. 

Five Steps to Protect Your Lone Workers

A lone worker is an employee who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. There are a number of dangers associated with this type of work, including the potential for accidents or injuries; violence or aggression, and even theft or other criminal activity. However, the most dangerous aspect is the fact that workers are alone and there is no one else around to help in the event of an accident or emergency. Without timely assistance minor issues have the potential to turn into major incidents.  

Monitoring: Who You Gonna Call?

Many available solutions that help keep lone workers safe rely on having someone ready and able to respond to emergencies. There are multiple ways to meet this need, such as directly phoning 911 or using call centers. But the more traditional solutions don’t always fit well with maintaining efficient workflow or address specific risks in a modernized way. Below we outline how SolusGuard’s approach to monitoring can help keep your lone workers safe without risking your bottom line.