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3G is Dead. What Does That Mean for Your Workplace Safety Plans?

2022 is the year 3G officially dies as many cellular providers across North America have started to shut down the service. In the US, Verizon, and AT&T are all planning to stop the service by the end of 2022. Canadian providers are following suit with plans to end service by 2025.  

MainStreet Equity Relies on SolusGuard to Keep Property Managers Safe

Pilot project originally launched in Saskatoon, the real estate company is looking to roll it out in other provinces.  

Mainstreet Equity is a real estate company focused on acquiring and managing mid-market rental apartments. With properties primarily found in urban neighbourhoods across Western Canada, property managers and maintenance staff can find themselves in a variety of risky scenarios, from showing prospective tenants apartments to handling evictions and managing disputes. But finding a reliable employee safety app that was easy to use was proving to be difficult – until they discovered SolusGuard.  

Choosing a Wearable Panic Button

Several industries often require employees to work in unpredictable situations, many of whom work alone. In a crisis, those workers may not have the time or ability to make a phone call, leaving them vulnerable. A wearable panic button can be the life-saving support workers rely on when managing their daily tasks – it provides a peace of mind in knowing no one is ever truly alone. But not all wearable panic buttons are created equal.  Below are some key questions to ask when choosing your wearable safety technology.