Ideas and Insights
for Safety Champions

Choosing a Wearable Panic Button

Several industries often require employees to work in unpredictable situations, many of whom work alone. In a crisis, those workers may not have the time or ability to make a phone call, leaving them vulnerable. A wearable panic button can be the life-saving support workers rely on when managing their daily tasks – it provides a peace of mind in knowing no one is ever truly alone. But not all wearable panic buttons are created equal.  Below are some key questions to ask when choosing your wearable safety technology. 

Keep Your People Safe with SolusGuard Mobile

Working alone is one of the most dangerous types of work. Without the ability to reliably call for help, small issues often turn into major catastrophes for both employees and their employer. Helping to manage those risks is exactly why SolusGuard was created. Designed for those who work alone or in unpredictable environments, SolusGuard Mobile workplace safety app turns your mobile phone into a powerful distress signal and reliable mobile monitoring device with five key benefits: 

Four Tips to Improve Safety Communication

Good communication contributes to a healthy work environment and is critical to improving workplace safety. But knowing how or where to implement effective strategies for communication can be daunting, so we’ve pulled together some proven tips to help get you started.

Making the Case for Safety

Accessing adequate resources to build and manage strong safety programs is a major issue for safety leaders.  Safety is often viewed as a cost, instead of a strategic long-term investment. In the worst case it can even be viewed as a barrier to profitability. The truth, however, is the exact opposite. Beyond the tragic impacts of loss of life or increased injuries, the negative impacts can be wide-ranging and can severely or permanently destroy a company. Conversely, companies who have strong safety programs often see boosts to performance and productivity across their operations.